SMAW Welder & FCAW Welder Jobs 2023 in UAE

Gulf Overseas Technical Services is looking for candidates for following posts as per job advertisement published in daily Express Newspaper of March 11, 2023 for location Abu Dhabi, sharjah UAE:
fcaw welder
smaw welder
welder and gmaw welder

Candidates with Matric and Intermediate etc. educational background will be preferred.

Latest Overseas jobs in Gulf Overseas Technical Services in Manufacturing and others can be applied till 21 March 2023 or as per closing date in newspaper ad. Read complete ad online to know how to apply on latest Gulf Overseas Technical Services job opportunities. Salary varies from 166000. Overtime might be allowed. During job medical, accommodation and transport facility is available.

SMAW Welder & FCAW Welder Jobs 2023 in UAE

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