Limousine Driver & Driver Jobs Open in UAE 2023

According to an advertisement from July 27, 2023 published in the daily Express Newspaper, Best Human Resources Consultancy Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE is accepting applications from qualified candidates for the positions of driver, ltv driver, and limousine driver. People with intermediate, matric, and other degrees may apply.

Before the closing date, which is around August 1, 2023, or as per the closing date in the newspaper ad, apply at Best Human Resources Consultancy’s most recent overseas positions in the driving and departments. To learn how to apply for the most recent Best Human Resources Consultancy job openings, read the entire advertisement online. Learn additional skills today, such as driving, car driving, and UK English, to land these top human resources consultancy positions. The starting salary is 198000. Work overtime to earn extra money. medical care, lodging, and transportation while on the job

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