Jobs for Kitchen Steward & Aircraft Cleaner in the UAE in 2023

According to a 4 April 2023 advertisement in the daily Express Newspaper, Faisal Usman Trade Test & Training Center Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE is hiring for a variety of positions, including housekeeper, kitchen steward, airport loader, waiter, general cleaner, and aircraft cleaner. Required educational levels include intermediate, middle, and matric, etc.

new airline jobs, among others According to the advertisement, the overseas positions at Faisal Usman Trade Test & Training Center will end on or around April 8, 2023. To learn how to apply for the most recent job openings at Faisal Usman Trade Test & Training Center, read the full advertisement online. The starting salary is 84000. Work overtime to earn extra money. There may be no-cost housing, healthcare, and transportation options.

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