Jobs 2023 for Lift Technicians& Fire Alarm Technicians

Latif Human Resources Services According to an advertisement from March 30, 2023 published in the daily Express Newspaper, Riyadh, Dammam, Saudi Arabia is accepting applications from qualified candidates for the positions of cctv camera technician, chiller technician, furniture carpenter, building painter, lift technician, hvac technician, fire alarm technician, ac technician, telephone technician, and electrical technician. People with intermediate, matric, and other levels of education are eligible to apply.

You have until 2 April 2023 or the deadline listed in the newspaper ad to apply for the newest overseas positions with Latif Manpower Services in Industrial and other fields. To learn how to apply for the most recent job openings with Latif Manpower Services, read the full advertisement online. The starting salary is 139000. We permit overtime. There is on-site housing, healthcare, and transportation available.

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