Assistant Restaurant Manager & General Manager Jobs

Trade Test & Training Center in Gondal According to an advertisement published in the daily Express Newspaper on July 26, 2023, Riyadh, Damam Saudi Arabia is accepting applications from qualified candidates for the positions of restaurant general manager and assistant restaurant manager. individuals with intermediate, bachelor’s, and BA degrees, etc.
Before the closing date, which is around August 1, 2023, or as per the closing date in the newspaper ad, apply at Gondal Trade Test & Training Center’s most recent overseas jobs in the hotel and departments. To learn how to apply for the most recent job openings at Gondal Trade Test & Training Center, read the full advertisement online. Learn project planning and management skills today to apply with assurance for these jobs at the Gondal Trade Test & Training Center. The starting salary is 310000. The possibility of overtime exists. accommodations, food, and medical services

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