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cooking tikka masala from a Tetra Recart carton

Unpacking the prepared foods innovation mix

What’s the difference between prepared and processed food? Find out in this article where we explore the latest innovations within the prepared food space.

Carton in forest

Enhancing recycling by design

One way to enhance the sustainability of aseptic beverage cartons is to design for recycling. See how we’re reinventing our packaging design at Tetra Pak.

people on street

What does 2024 have in store for the world?

From how to approach health and well-being more holistically to cost-saving life hacks, find out what the 2024 global consumer trends are in food and beverage.

Illustration of earth in nature

Collaboration is crucial for climate commitments

Companies must collaborate to reach climate targets. Shared commitments can help drive system progress. Explore some recent initiatives Tetra Pak has joined.

a forest in fog

From lab-grown meat to edible insects

How do we produce 56% more food on the same amount of land, while lowering emissions at the same time? The answer lies in new food innovations.

organic eggs in a bag at local market

Balancing health and planet: Insights from Index

In the 15th edition of the Tetra Pak Index, personal and planetary health come together. Find out about the growing consumers trends in 2023.

truck driving through the forest

Sustainability Report FY22: Top takeaways

The top takeaways from this year’s Sustainability report viewed through the lens of our employees, and a look at how sustainability reporting is changing.

organic eggs in a bag at local market

Pioneering polyAl: Recycling meets reinvention

Recycled beverage cartons can be turned into new, valuable products like sports shoes and designer furniture – Here’s a look at some of the latest innovations.

mature woman in nature

Food for thought: Are you what you eat?

Food doesn’t only affect your physical health – it can affect your mental health, too. Discover how mental well-being looks like with the foods of tomorrow.

Tethered caps

Meeting regulations head-on

In 2021, tethered caps were introduced to the world following the Single-Use Plastic Directive. But how is this innovation affecting customers and consumers?

vertical farming greenhouse

Partnering to promote science-based policymaking

Tetra Pak was among the first to join the Think2030 ‘think-and-do tank’ in 2018. Today, a key initiative the platform is focusing on is the European Green Deal.

3 kids holding a ice cream in a cone

Dairy-free and disruptive ice cream dreams

These days, ice cream innovation is all about plant-based. And most of it takes place in the ‘Silicon Valley of ice cream’ in a city called Aarhus, Denmark.

child in nature

Creating a positive supply chain reaction

To stay in line with the SBTi commitment and reduce emissions by 46% across the entire value chain by 2030, Tetra Pak launches a new supplier initiative.


Making waves with water management

The UN is holding its first global conference on freshwater in almost 50 years. See how Tetra Pak is contributing to global water resilience.

EU flag

Why sustainability commitments matter

Tetra Pak joins 100+ players in the food and beverage industry and signs up to the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices.

Bunky shoe

The world’s first sports shoe made of recycled cartons

The story of Ecuador’s first sports shoe made of recycled carton, and how Bunky, Ecuaplastic and Tetra Pak came together to create yet another product out of polyAl.

a forest in fog

Nature finally gets its due

On the heels of an historic deal at the COP15 UN Biodiversity Conference, we take a look at why biodiversity loss has finally gained the attention it so richly deserves.

foods mosaic

Spotlight on collaborative innovation

A look at how the initiatives and collaborations Tetra Pak has set into motion in 2022 in the food and beverage industry will shape the future.

Tetra Pak worker in a lab

How to make the most of your available data

Collecting digital and non-digital data consistently can lead to better decision-making across the company, and ultimately, better business results.

senior man looking at date

Four concrete actions to help reduce food waste

We look at four ways to reduce food waste across the value chain through consumer education, innovative food packaging, and repurposing of raw materials.


Net-zero: Getting it down to a science

In light of Tetra Pak’s net-zero targets, we dive into why net-zero is important, how science-based targets work and how they impact the climate.

machines tackling food production

5 ways to tackle waste in food manufacturing

From empowering employees to collaborating across the value chain, there are five main ways leading companies are tackling zero-waste within food production.

woman grocery shopping

Cracking the complexities of global food safety and regulatory compliance

When it comes to food safety, going beyond compliance with cross-industry collaboration and system thinking can help ensure food safety across the value chain.

 polyal furniture

The future of recycled carton is beautiful

From carton to PolyAl to furniture: a Dutch design brand is turning beverage cartons into beautiful interior objects, proving the potential of large-scale upcycling.

Woman grocery shopping

Going beyond products to connect with consumers

Creating an innovative product, staying on top of current trends and creating a connection with your customers are key when catering to the modern consumer.

Araucaria Forest in Brazil

Taking a major step forward in reforestation

Taking a nature-based approach to reforestation can preserve an entire complex ecosystem, including the flora, fauna and people who depend on it.

insect on spoon

How to make the most of insect-based proteins

Processing insects into nutritious foods and beverages means mastering formulations and technology to maintain nutritional value, taste and mouthfeel.

Table meeting hands

Mastering efficient water use

Packaging and processing technologies play a key role in conserving and minimising the use of water resources. A holistic approach to adopting these is needed.

woman in dairy production

Taking a holistic perspective on dairy production

Dairy producers can reduce costs and increase output and sustainability by leveraging end-to-end solutions that drive efficiency across operations.

boy recycling

Rethinking recycling infrastructure

Recycling requires global collective action. Suppliers, customers, technology providers, recyclers and key industry stakeholders all have a role to play.

people in meeting

How connectivity is changing food packaging

Players industry-wide are making smart use of data to support better decision-making, improve productivity and flexibility and food safety and quality.


Working together to reduce food loss and waste

1/3 of all food is lost or wasted. By working together across food systems, we can make sure that everyone, everywhere gets access to safe and nutritional food.

carton in the forest

Making sustainable progress

To achieve a sustainable future for food packaging, a full value chain approach to circularity is needed. Collaboration and innovation will help us get there.

woman looking at food packaging

Discover the latest trends in food packaging

Smart packaging such as intelligent and active packaging is helping to increase consumer engagement and improve product safety and traceability.

Woman in rice mark

Transforming food systems

Making food safe and available everywhere requires global collaboration to help fight malnutrition, increase food security and support vulnerable groups.