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Welcome to the Tetra Pak Packaging Insights page. Explore our cases & articles to learn more about how we have developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the taste of the products inside. Thanks to Tetra Pak technology, the packaging and distribution of liquid and food products to the consumer has been greatly facilitated.​

Packaging cases & white papers

Holding a glass of milk

White paper: Extending the shelf life of chilled milk

Extended shelf life (ESL) for dairy products offers advantages for product safety and quality. Read our white paper Extending the shelf life of chilled milk.

Tetra Pak operator and customer

Flexibility in chilled liquid foods production

Flexibility is a crucial in chilled liquid foods production whether it entail switching between raw materials and packaging volumes or production capacity

Tetra Top cartons

Common chilled product challenges and how to solve them

Solve your chilled product challenges – from premiumness and sustainability to distribution.

Father and baby, Tetra Brik carton package

The past, present, and future of chilled liquid foods

In recent years, the global market for chilled liquid foods has been in constant flux. But this is bringing both opportunities and clarity what consumers want

Clock icon, cartons behind misty glass window

Learn how to optimise your chilled products’ shelf life

From raw materials through to processing and packaging, many factors influence the shelf life of chilled liquid foods. Read our experts insights

Ice collies in Tetra Fino Aseptic carton packages

Juice producer Doi Kham expands portfolio with ice lollies

In collaboration with Tetra Pak, Thai juice producer Doi Kham uses an innovative package to enter the booming ice cream market of Thailand.

Cat food in Tetra Recart carton package

Distribution solution for pet food challenges

Global supply chain slowdowns. Rising transportation costs. Persistent consumer demand for products that have as little environmental impact as possible.

Expand the portfolio brochure

Expanding your portfolio to meet consumer demands

It can be difficult to keep up with consumer demands, especially when tastes can change dramatically and new trends can emerge seemingly in an instant.

Brochure consumer trend report

Consumer trend report milk

Why is it that the love for milk does anything but fade? And what innovations to keep it that way are trending in the industry? Learn all about it in our report

Tea with ginger and honey in Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton

Ready-to-drink herbal beverage for the younger generation

When New Concept Product in Thailand wanted to expand its business, they teamed up with Tetra Pak to launch a new tea ginger drink for on-the-go consumption

Tetra Rex optimized filling white paper

Increase Tetra Rex® production with optimized filling

Discover how the new patented technology, optimized filling, allows you to increase machine speed and fill more difficult products.

Flavoured milk

Stay on top of the latest consumer trends

Current consumer trends and UHT technology – a perfect match? Absolutely.