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From clear water to tasty drinks such as fruit, tea and coffee, no matter what your product, we provide you with processing and packaging solutions that suit your needs. We work with you to develop recipes and design production processes to help you turn your drinks into the refreshing, thirst-quenchers your customers love.

Learn more about our processing and packaging solutions for beverages and read more about why juice and other JNSD products should be pasteurized: Beyond safety: Why we pasteurize fruit drinks

Juice Index report

Focused exclusively on 100% juice for the first time, the Juice Index report identifies consumer trends that drive new growth opportunities for producers around the world. Read more about the Juice Index report.

Juice and Drinks Cases & White Papers

Climate change, water scarcity and consumer health are among challenges

Challenges, trends, opportunities in juice & still drinks

Climate change, access to water, energy costs and the health trend among consumers are among the trends facing the juice, nectar and still drinks industry.​

Orange juice

Vitamin C retention in orange juice production

Vitamin C is a key quality factor for orange juice so the amount of vitamin C that is retained after processing and packaging is of key interest..

Orange juice

Redefining JNSD line with filtration and UV

Reduce overall energy costs by up to 67% and water usage by about 50% with our new juice, nectar and still drinks technology.


Tetra Pak Orange Book

The Orange Book is your comprehensive handbook to orange juice production from tree to table through all processing and packaging steps.

Beckers bester four package

Natural fit: beckers bester & Tetra Pak® Craft packaging

With the domestic juice market in decline, German producer beckers bester set out to find a package that would help its new range of organic juices and nectars

Al Rabie Vitatlity C package.

Al Rabie shines bright with Tetra Pak® Reflect

To appeal to millennials, Al Rabie has launched its new sports drink Vitality C in our innovative holographic packaging material Tetra Pak Reflect.

Woman Smiling Holding Glass

Britvic prepares for global expansion

With a strong presence in its core markets, soft drinks producer Britvic prepares for global expansion

Better than batch: why you’ll save money with inline juice production

Save money with inline juice production

Juices, nectars and still drinks (JNSD) are traditionally produced using batch production solutions. Find out how to save money with inline juice production

Girl holding Frooti package

Right sizing helped Parle Agro achieve double digit growth

Since its launch in 2010 sales of Frooti in Tetra Brik® Aseptic 160 Slim have grown from 39 million to over 1.1 billion packs per year.

Kagome smoothie with fruit

100% natural smoothies in Tetra Prisma® Aseptic

Using the Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 330 Sq DreamCap™, Kagome set out to recover category growth and attract juice drinkers in Japan.


Kagome leads the way with vegetable juice

Kagome has succeeded in reversing a decline in sales by re-launching four of its leading SKUs in Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200 Slim Leaf in October 2015.

Coconuts in palm tree

Coconut Handbook

​The coconut handbook is capturing our expertise and experience in the coconut category including the health and nutritional benefits of coconut products