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Customers aiming to maximize operational efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and reduce their environmental footprint, can benefit from our integrated industrial food solutions and decades of food know-how, to achieve success. We’ve been enabling brands in the cheese, dairy, prepared foods, ice cream and beverage businesses to find ways to move forward for decades.

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processing equipment

Processing equipment

We provide processing equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages, and prepared food. Whether you bring your own unique recipes or old favorites, we're here to help you succeed.

employee next to filling machines

Filling machines

Filling machines are tailored to your production needs, from aseptic to chilled or food manufacturing, ensuring customisation and efficiency.

downstream equipment

Downstream equipment

To improve productivity in the handling, palletising process, and transportation, explore our downstream equipment to increase your productivity and lower operating costs.

integrated lines

Integrated lines

To maximise efficiency and minimise waste in food and beverage production, explore our integrated lines designed to work together, seamlessly – without the need for multiple suppliers.

Solution fast facts

8,959 filling machines in operation

8,959 filling machines in operation.

103,322 processing units in operation

103,322 processing units in operation.

22,757 downstream equipment in operation

22,757 downstream equipment in operation.

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hand holding a small carton


For decades, our solutions have made it possible to protect perishable foods, extending shelf life and ensuring essential food can reach even remote corners of the world. And our paper-based cartons offer convenience, easy opening, and a sustainable option.

factory workers


Grounded in global best practice and expertise, enjoy peace of mind and the support from experts wherever you’re located.

woman with backpack

Product Innovation

With over 70 years of innovation to meet the food challenges of our industry, we co-create customised solutions for a better tomorrow.

blue background with stars

Automation & Digital Solutions

Backed by industry-leading expertise, we integrate, optimize and connect your operations to enable better decisions, from food safety and sustainability to efficiency, logistics, and consumer engagement.