Tomorrow’s challenges demand innovation today

Innovation is fundamental to what we do at Tetra Pak. After all, it's how it all began. Our founder, Dr. Ruben Rausing, declared that a package should always save more than it costs. That’s something that still holds true for us today, as we work to keep our commitment to make food safe and available, everywhere.

As a team of dedicated experts, open-minded collaborators and visionaries who share the philosophy that innovation can create a better future for all, we’re tackling challenges in the food and beverage industry every day – pushing the boundaries of what's possible, making a positive impact on the world, and delivering on our promise to protect what's good: food, people and the planet.

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Our innovation approach

From our foundation to our present-day operations, innovation has always been fundamental to what we do at Tetra Pak and to creating a better future for all.

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Focus areas

To us, innovation in the packaging and food and beverage industries means focusing on the use of sustainable materials, how we produce food and reducing waste.

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A heritage of innovation

A review of the most notable breakthroughs Tetra Pak has gone through from its founding in 1951 when the tetrahedron carton was first introduced.

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Innovation ecosystem

We believe in open innovation and work with people within and outside of Tetra Pak as part of our collaborative innovation ecosystem.

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Product innovation

Whatever your current vision, we’re dedicated to innovating both with you and for you to build a more resilient and profitable future.

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End to end solutions for food and beverages

The integrated edge enables us to support you with all your end-to-end needs – all the way from food sources to final delivery to consumers.

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Sustainability - sustainable food systems | Tetra Pak Global

Sustainability has been at the heart of our business since its foundation. Tetra Pak is committed to leading 8 areas with the greatest potential for impact.

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Who we are

Discover Tetra Pak and how the company operated throughout the world.

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News & Events

Access our most recent news and updates on upcoming events here! | Dive into our latest press releases and discover how we provide value to our customers.

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Find jobs and traineeships at Tetra Pak

Freshly graduated or an experienced professional looking for a career change? Each month, we post jobs globally in engineering, marketing, design, sales...