Dairy solutions – from cow to consumer

With rising purchasing power and changing consumer lifestyles, the global dairy market is growing. A health-conscious generation has a strong belief in milk’s benefits, and the demand for dairy products is anticipated to significantly increase in countries like India and China.

Given our 120 years of experience in the dairy industry and our deep knowledge and understanding of dairy technology, we are well equipped to help you give milk and other dairy products the desired properties required for different finished products.

Identify new opportunities

We offer a complete portfolio of dairy processing and packaging solutions and can supply everything from a single valve to a complete green field factory.

We reach dairies around the globe, applying our thorough technological know-how to help you to seize market opportunities and extend product ranges. Our annual report, the Tetra Index, is designed to help dairy producers identify new opportunities for growth.

Get insights into processing technology and the entire chain from cow to consumer – from pasteurization, homogenization and UHT treatment, to filtration, automation, service systems, waste water treatment and many other aspects of modern dairy processing with the Dairy Processing handbook now also available online.

Dairy Cases & White Papers

A strong man lifting heavy weights

Consumer trends and separators in food, beverages

Separation has been around for decades, and the technology is constantly evolving as consumer trends impose new and different demands on food processors.

Woman using pipette in laboratory

4 important questions about the NIZO method

NIZO is a term used by Tetra Pak to describe homogenization efficiency in milk: how long the product can stay stable on the shelf without a cream layer forming

Operators reviewing carton packages

Efficient production site for milk, juice

Thanks to Tetra Pak PlantMaster a fresh milk and juice producer gained a fully automated new plant with full traceability and all quality reports accessible in one tool.

Filtration specialists food and beverage applications

Optimizing milk proteins fractionation with filtration

Separating milk proteins in pure fractions containing casein and whey protein respectively is a dream scenario enabling production of interesting food products

Woman in lab

Optimised milk homogenization

Sign up for our white paper and find out how new homogenization technologies can make dairy operations more cost-effective, flexible and sustainable.

Processing equipment at dairy producer Select Milk

Turning commodity into value-added products

American dairy Select Milk​ has built a state-of-the-art dairy processing facility. Here, many millions of pounds of milk are turned into butter and milk powder

A woman eating yoghurt with berries on top out of a bowl

What’s the best way to mix yoghurt?

Yoghurt consumption is booming. But yoghurt is a sensitive product and production must not be heavy-handed. Choosing the right mixer makes all the difference.

DMK dairy, Germany

Energy savings mean a sustainable business

When separating milk German dairy Deutsches Milchkontor obtained a 30 percent reduction of energy consumption with the Encapt™ technology from Tetra Pak.

Food engineers examines separator discs, Arla Food

​Increased production capacity at Arla Foods

Thanks to a new revolutionary disc stack design, Arla Foods in Vimmerby, Sweden processes up to 40 percent more milk in its two separators from Tetra Pak.