Cheese – bringing taste and texture to the table

The global consumption of cheese increases every year and growth is predicted to continue. Expansion of the fast food industry combined with changing lifestyles in emerging economies are boosting the global demand.

But cheese is hardly a new invention. In 1974, Russian explorers found a cheese block in the permafrost of the Siberian tundra that was dated to be at least 2,000 years old – and still said to be an unrivalled delicacy.

Cheese for all occasions

We help our customers to produce cheese for all occasions; from pizza toppings to prepared dishes, gourmet desserts and snacks.

Cow milk is the most common choice for cheese production, although milk from buffalos, goats and sheep are popular as well. Cheese comes in a multitude of textures and flavours, for example:

  • Fresh cheese: Ricotta, Cottage cheese and Mozzarella
  • Soft ripened cheese: Feta, Camembert and Brie
  • Semi hard and hard cheese: Swiss cheese, Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, Colby, Muenster, Parmesan, Pecorino and Romano

Tetra Pak offers its expertise about the complete cheese process, from milk intake and pre-treatment through curd makingdrainage and forming, to cheese handling.

We can help you succeed with the production of a wide variety of high-quality cheeses, including hard cheese and semi-hard cheese, Cheddar cheese, pasta filata, liquid filled cheese and cottage cheese.

Whey in cheese production

The whey collected from cheese production is a valuable raw material as whey products are used in a wide range of food products, such as processed meat, health foods and confectionery. Read more about whey powder and filtration solutions for high cheese yield and quality​

Cheese Cases & White Papers

Cream cheese bowl and bread

White paper: Spreadable cheese quality – ingredients

Cream cheese, processed cheese or recombined cheese, this white paper covers the best methods for achieving the underlying structural changes – and what makes a

Cheese testing at CONO Kaasmakers

Green cheese dairy

Dutch cheese manufacturer CONO Kaasmakers had a clear objective - to build the greenest dairy in the world. They decided to use Tetra Pak as technical supplier


Cheese technology guide

The Cheese technology guide is an easy to use resource for industrial cheesemaking. It provides a helpful overview of the bacis productions processes.


Optimize mixing process and food quality using CFD

​Most applications in the food industry include mixing. In order to achieve the desired product quality, the whole volume of product should be optimally mixed

Ceasar sallad with dressing

Guide to clean label production

Consumers increasingly demand foods made using sustainable manufacturing methods and with fewer additives. Here’s how to embrace the clean label trend.

Spreads and sauces, dipping

3 global food megatrends and how to take advantage of them

Clean label, healthy and sustainable foods are hot trends among consumers today. What are the implications for manufacturers dressings and spreads?

Palletising at Hellenic Dairies with automation solutions

Hellenic Dairies' integrated plant management benefits

A major investment in Hellenic Dairies plant in Romania resulted in the installation of a comprehensive range of end-of-line and warehousing equipment.

Milk flowing

Extended run time for milk pasteurizers

Tetra Pak’s new assessment methodology now allows extended running time for milk pasteurizers, while maintaining food quality.